Rob Mosher’s Storytime: Jazz Vespers @ St. Peter’s Church

Rob Mosher’s band Storytime – whose new album, The Tortoise, is a lushly scored musical odyssey that contains echoes of Wayne Shorter, Gil Evans, Kurt Weill, Darius Milhaud, Debussy and Bach – reflects Mosher’s embrace of a wide range of influences which have coalesced to create his singularly independent compositional voice. Storytime traverses many musical landscapes — all held together by Mosher’s multi-faceted orchestration and ingenious use of instrumentation (saxophones, oboe, English horn, clarinets, flute, trumpet, French horn, trombone, electric and acoustic guitar, plus bass and drums).

A Canadian currently residing in New York City, award winning composer and performer Rob Mosher plays oboe, English horn and soprano sax.

On October 4, from 5-7pm, Storytime will be the featured band at St. Peter’s Church Jazz Vespers. Read more about this unique church and their jazz ministry here.

St. Peter’s Church, 619 Lexington Ave at 54th street, New York City, free admission.