“Working with Peter McDowell was an excellent experience. I hired him for the advertising and organization of my Carnegie solo recital last December. As for the results, I have to say he did his job without a fault. The recital hall was a full audience, and the filled seats made it such a joy to perform on stage. During the process of organizing and marketing my concert, he was honest and upright with his forthright with his advice. It was only due to his assistance that each decision made for my recital led to the best results. If someone is looking for a person who really knows how this field works, I absolutely recommend his services! Thank you so much Peter!”

-Jeongeun Park, violist, www.jeongeunparkviola.com

“Peter designed and executed my professional singing websites, and his work was nothing short of the highest level of beauty, functionality, and elegance. My main website has stood me in wonderful stead for many years. I cannot recommend him highly enough as an artist’s consultant and in any other part of an artist’s life that he can clearly be of great help with.”

-Amy Goldstein, soprano, www.amygoldsteinsoprano.com

“Peter shared relevant, timely and essential information with our students in the Arts Leadership Program at Eastman. He is intensely and sincerely interested in the success of artists – particularly those just beginning their professional careers – and understands how to present content in a way that is accessible, practical, and immediately applicable. Peter draws upon his years of successful cutting-edge experience to engage and inform those who wish to succeed in today’s complex arts environment.”

-Jim Doser, Director, Institute for Music Leadership, Eastman School of Music, 2018

“There are very few professionals whom I trust more than Peter McDowell. His experience as an elite arts administrator makes him an invaluable resource for concert musicians. Peter is the perfect balance between an incredibly knowledgable professional and an absolute gem of a human being. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him in a number of different contexts including developing my website, advising me about a recording project (Flute Music by Joseph Schwantner, Innova 919), and seeking insight on specific professional circumstances. His manner is consistently attentive and encouraging, and he always provides a perspective that is uniquely helpful. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

-Flutist Jennie Oh Brown, hired Peter in 2016-present

“Peter is a terrific workshop leader and speaker: excellent at presenting both broad concepts and offering inspiring examples and tips. He’s engaging, direct, and makes an impact—I recommend him highly!”

-Angela Myles Beeching, for the Young Performers Career Advancement seminar for APAP, 2016

“Peter McDowell was kind enough to participate in a panel that I moderated at the 2016 APAP conference focused on “New Strategies to Energize Classical Audiences.” During the panel, Peter demonstrated his authoritative knowledge about presenting, marketing, project management, commissioning, and music of all kinds. He is full of energy, creative ideas, and dedication for production, presentation, and promotion.”

-John Zion, Managing Director | Melvin Kaplan, Inc., 2016

“I hired Peter to manage PR for the release of an album by my group, AnyWhen Ensemble. In addition to securing many reviews with a variety of media, Peter also provided valuable guidance as I made decisions about how I would release the album, down to the nitty gritty details. I found that he was interested in helping me make the decisions that would help me best achieve my goals as an artist, not to increase his consulting fee. I highly recommend him for PR and for career advice for musicians.”

-Douglas Detrick, AnyWhen Ensemble, 2014

“I am profoundly grateful to Peter for his promotion of our January 2013 event: Admission: One Shilling with actress Lesley Nicol and pianist Inna Faliks. His media relations expertise is top-of-the-line, with the result that we had significant articles in the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, TimeOut Chicago, classicalmusic.org, in addition to interviews on CBS and Channel 11. His press materials for the event were professional and engaging… and of enormous value to me, his attention to deadlines kept me on track! So, thanks to Peter, we ended up with a lot of publicity and a FULL HOUSE.”

-Ann Murray, International Music Foundation, ‘Admission: One Shilling’ producer, 2013

“Your APAP (Association of Performing Arts Professionals) workshop with Jodi was truly the best I attended at APAP. Thank you for your info, enthusiasm and artful advice. The CMA (Chamber Music America) workshop you jointly presented was also the best I attended at CMA. Thank you for your time and talents.”

-Nancy Scimone, Vocalist, 2013

“Thank you again for your clear, honest and succinct advice in the Taking Charge of your Career session yesterday at the Chamber Music America Conference…I can’t tell you how much I appreciated your directness and clarity in response to my question, with specific ideas and tools that I hope will lead to eventual success. Thank you again for reminding me why we persevere to preserve the rich tradition of art music.”

-Rachel Seiden, session attendee, Chamber Music America Conference, 2013

“I engaged Peter to design a website featuring my work as a pianist, conductor, and voice coach. Peter knows the business really well and has great contacts. (For me it was useful that he had worked for the San Francisco Opera and knows the world of opera and singers so well. ) He was unfailingly polite and helpful with all my questions and requirements. I’m delighted with the look of the website which he designed and would recommend him without qualification.”

Eric Weimer, www.ericweimer.net

“Peter is a focused and creative arts consultant – very experienced, strategic, professional and diplomatic. He delivers on time, on budget and with great style. Confident and intelligent. A class act.”

-Kristen Molhuysen, IHOS Opera and Music Theatre, Hobart, Australia, 2012, hired Peter as a Business Consultant

“Peter and Ari: I just wanted to tell you both that I really love my website. It really is a great site and when everything works just they way it should, it makes me really happy! Thanks so much for all you do, I’m lucky to have found the two of you.”

Lisa Pegher, classical percussionist, hired Peter and Ari to create a new web site through www.PerformSites.com, 2012

“Peter has been working with me and my husband, pianist, teacher, arranger and composer Jonathan Faiman for more than three years, and he has improved not only our respective websites to standards that are amazingly high, but he has acted as a musical and career “life-coach” which has made a huge difference in the decisions and outcomes of my family’s work life. We now have high visibility on both of our websites, we know what our strengths are, and we know where we’re going and in what direction we should be headed in. Peter can just see what needs to be done quickly and realistically and there are very few, if any advisors like this in the music business. He is truly on top of everything that’s going on and I can’t recommend him highly enough. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.”

-Amy Goldstein, soprano, www.amygoldstein.com

“Peter did a terrific job on my first-ever e-zine. He was very patient with all of the details that mattered to me. He is really good at what he does, and is a good person as well. The job was done on time, and readers commented on how great it looked.”

-Pianist and teacher Madeline Bruser, hired Peter in 2011-12

“Peter has a great grasp of what is needed for the professional performer and composer. His personal interest in each client and ensemble is reflected in his promotion of careers. My new website and photos are excellent and this is due to Peter’s efforts and contacts. His approach to the performing arts management is very creative and inventive.”

-Composer Patricia Morehead, hired Peter in 2011-12

“In addition to being an excellent, knowledgeable professional in the world of classical music PR, Peter McDowell is wonderfully easy to work and communicate with, thanks to his openness and his easy going manner. He has a fresh approach that is relevant in today’s quickly changing music and art world, and has an uncommon understanding of social media. I have learned a great deal from his clear, relevant ideas on PR when he built my website, and I am still learning from them. Working with Peter and brainstorming ideas with him is a great pleasure. He is highly organized and efficient, and easily maintains a large network of connections in the classical music field. He is a wonderful professional with outstanding knowledge of the industry, and I highly recommend him.”

-Pianist Inna Faliks, hired Peter in 2010-present

“Peter McDowell is a consummate professional. Every aspect of my project was handled with great care and skill. He thinks outside the box and is willing to try just about anything to help his clients. He gets my highest recommendation.”

-Pianist Matthew McCright, hired Peter for Public Relations in 2010 and again in 2011

“Two Performances In Honor of Judson could not have been the very public success it was without the cutting edge Public Relations expertise provided by Peter McDowell, whom we hired late in what we had every reason to believe was mission impossible. Peter did more than prove us wrong; he proved that a deft, dedicated vision of the possibilities fills the house and as producer, I could not have been more thankful to him for his sensitivity and support of important work.”

-Michael Bloom, hired Peter as a Publicist in 2010

“Peter has been helping manage my career as a classical singer over the past year. He has helped to secure auditions, gigs, and has helped in editing my website, resume, correspondence, and recordings, among other things. Since I also do crossover work in cabaret, Peter has been a terrific asset in helping find venues for my show.”

-Melissa Attebury, hired Peter as a Business Consultant in 2009 and 2010

“Peter has been a fantastic arts management consultant for the Chinese Fine Arts Society. He has helped to elevate the organization in many areas, bringing tremendous knowledge and great connections in the Chicago arts world. He is extremely creative, resourceful and a great problem solver. He is also a pleasure to work with.”

-Julie Tiao Ma, hired Peter as an Arts Management Consultant from 2009 – present

“Peter is a very creative and very supportive of his arts clients, with many inventive ideas and suggestions. He is very motivated and gets the job done quickly! I would recommend him to anyone!”

-Jody Redhage, hired Peter as an Arts Consultant and Publicist in 2009 and 2010

“Peter is excellent to work with, creative-minded, and knows both music and the music business. He has a lot of contacts and works at a very fair price. He’s done a lot of consulting work for me in the form of publicity and work on my press kit and has definitely been instrumental in me improving my web presence and getting gigs both here and abroad.”

-Sam Sadigursky, hired Peter as a Consultant in 2009

“Peter is a quite extraordinarily intelligent, sophisticated, creative, and resourceful arts professional. In his work at the Chicago Cultural Center, he transformed the arts performance programs out of all recognition, and did so virtually single-handedly. He is unquestionably a self-starter, and he also offers a fine balance between profound appreciation and understanding of what makes good art and splendid management skills. Through his combination of intelligence, organizational ability, and sheer imagination, he makes things happen — and his programs at the Cultural Center offered certain proof of that.”

-2009, Roger Pines, Dramaturg, Lyric Opera of Chicago

“I consider Peter one of my most valued colleagues in the field of the arts. Not only is he a capable non-profit arts leader, but he is also a pleasure to work with. Peter is respected among his peers and has become well regarded in his position at OPERA America. I value his expertise and assistance and am always excited to be able to work with him on specific collaborations between our organizations.”

-2008, Adam Natale, Director of Member Services, Fractured Atlas

“I’ve had the extreme pleasure of knowing Peter for a very, very long time. His background as a performer has grounded him in the performing arts industry, and his thoroughness and professionalism make him my first line of entry at OPERA America. Whenever I need an answer fast, I turn to Peter. I highly recommend him. His knowledge of the performing arts (and of opera in particular) make him an extremely valuable resource.”

-2008, David O’Dell, Executive Director, San Antonio Opera