Music/Words on WFMT April 23 and 30

Music/Words (, an interdisciplinary series founded and curated by NYC- based pianist Inna Faliks (, continues its fourth season on April 23 and 30 on WFMT at 8pm CST. Faliks will play CPE Bach, Eric Satie, Schubert, Chopin. L.B. Thompson, Whiting Award winner, is the poet.

The series MUSIC/WORDS was recently praised by Lucid Culture as being “surreal, impactful, and relevant” and was described as “a throwback to the Paris salons of the late 1800s.” It celebrates links between poetry and music by presenting collaborations between exciting solo performers and acclaimed contemporary poets in the form of a live recital/reading.

Inna Faliks created the series in order to foster a chance for poets and musicians to work together and inspire each other, as well as to allow different audiences to come together for these musical-literary events. New published and unpublished works are read alongside performances of music old and new and connected by content, intuition, and inspiration.

According to Faliks, “I pair performers together based on their personalities and styles, and encourage them to choose the poems and music in varied ways that are strongly and intuitively connected.”