Violinist-Composer Dan Flanagan performs “The Bow and the Brush”

A concert of musical premieres and visual art in celebration of the release of Flanagan’s album on the MSR Classics label 

Featuring  works by composers Libby Larsen, Nathaniel Stookey,
Jim Stephenson, Trevor Weston, José González Granero,
Peter Josheff, Linda Marcel,
David Mecionis, Jessica Mays,
Catherine Neville, Evan Price, Cindy Cox, Edmund Campion,
Shinji Eshima, Maija Hynninen, Jacques Desjardins,
Emily Onderdonk, Michael Panther, 
and Dan Flanagan himself.

On Sunday, March 5th, 2023 at 7:00 pm, at UC Berkeley’s Hertz Hall,  violinist-composer Dan Flanagan ( performs  The Bow and the Brush: an evening of 20 solo violin compositions, accompanied by projections of visual art from Flanagan’s personal collection. With music directly inspired by paintings, pastels, mixed media, and sculptures, the program highlights pieces by Raffaëlli, Guillaumin, Pinchon, and living artists including Paul Gibson, Nikki Vismara, and Elaine Pratt. The concert serves as a CD release party for Flanagan’s upcoming solo album, The Bow and the Brush, slated for release on MSR Classics, with visual video accompaniment of the art to be uploaded to YouTube. All of the musical works are Berkeley premieres; Works by Stephenson and Mecionis will be West Coast Premieres; and works by Neville, Weston and Flanagan (“Timeless”) will be World Premieres.

Tickets are $5-16 and are available at Hertz Hall is located at 101 Cross-Sproul Path on the campus of UC Berkeley.

Celebrated for his exquisite violin tone and stellar musicianship, Flanagan brings his enthusiasm for music and art to Hertz Hall. Created and conceptualized by Flanagan, the program includes three of his own compositions alongside several commissioned works written by 18 celebrated living New Music composers (with intermission). This concert is part of Flanagan’s current tour, taking The Bow and the Brush to audiences in the United States and across Europe. 

The Collection Shinji Eshima,  painting by Paul Gibson
Raven’s Dance Linda Marcel, painting by Nina Fabunmi 
Oil on Canvas Michael Panther, painting by Paul Gibson
Émergence Jacques Desjardins, painting by Susan Bostrom-Wong
Blue Swan Evan Price, sculpture by Sean O’Donnell 
Notre Dame au milieu de l’eau et du ciel Trevor Weston,  painting by Albert-Marie Lebourg
Into the Light Cindy Cox, painting by Victoria Veedell
Island Maija Hynninen, painting by Elaine Pratt
Shadow Breaking Nathaniel Stookey, painting by Rachel Dwan
“Timeless,” Rhapsody in Discomfort #5 Dan Flanagan, sculptures by Sean O’Donnell 
Guillaumin Jim Stephenson, pastel drawing by Armand Guillaumin 
Same Old Sadness Peter Josheff, painting by Peter Canty 
Splits (Le Grand Ècart) Edmund Campion, pastel drawing by Ludovic-Rodo Pissarro
And miles to go… Jessica Mays, painting by Albert Malet
Arredondo Emily Onderdonk, mixed media by Carrington Arredondo 
Couple au lit David Mecionis, painting by Jean-Louis Forain 
Monterey Sentinels Dan Flanagan, painting by Joaquin Turner
The Only Way Through is Slow Libby Larsen, painting by Nikki Vismara
Cadenza II José González Granero, painting by Robert Antoine Pinchon
Idyll Catherine Neville, painting by Paulémile Pissarro