Jimmy in Saigon: A Film by Peter McDowell

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In the past, I’ve sent you information about high quality, compelling arts events, and now here’s something that’s close to my heart: a documentary about the life and of my brother, James Austin McDowell (1948-1972). The eldest of six children, Jim died as a civilian in in 1972 in Saigon, Vietnam. I was five. As the youngest, I have become fascinated with his life story and have sought to meet and interview everyone around the world who knew him during his short life.

Having worked on this project for several years now, I am running an Indiegogo campaign to fund an upcoming trip to Vietnam, as well as to help with some US travel and editing related to the film.

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Jimmy left behind nearly 200 letters, most of which were written to my parents, and some to other friends, such as David Sauer. One quote which I cherish, he wrote on a postcard: “One can do a lot of living in a short time. Or of course, just the opposite.” I believe in this philosophy and I am thrilled to explore his 24 short years on this earth during the remaining time that I myself have on this earth.

I invite you to join our generous and pioneering team of initial donors and give generously. Your support will help us with the enormous costs of bringing a film crew to Saigon, which we will do by the end of 2016. Additional costs of further travel, logging, editing, equipment, personnel, and research for this project will be extensive and will only be possible through the generosity of supporters.

I am very grateful to our current donors, listed below. Won’t you consider joining them and donate $30 or more to this project? If you can’t give at this time, help us spread the word.


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THANKS to Martine Granby, Liz Kaar, Dan Savage, Phil Batta, Sacha Mullin, Nikki Joshi, and Helen Vasey who have helped with this current campaign. And SPECIAL THANKS to our kind and generous perk donors who gave given all of the amazing services and items as rewards.