Honey Pot Performance Joins Chicago Artists Month


Chicago, IL – August, 19 2013 – Following a triumphant debut of “Price Point” during June’s 13th annual Sketchbook performance festival, Honey Pot Performance (est. 2009) has been selected to reprise their latest interdisciplinary work for Chicago Artists Month 2013. “Price Point” runs October 11-13, 2013 at Rumble Arts Center, 3413 W. North Ave, Chicago, Illinois. Chicago Artist Month (CAM) is the annual celebration of Chicago’s vibrant art community presented by the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events (DCASE) which is held each October at various neighborhoods/venues throughout Chicago. Now in it’s 18th year, CAM 2013 marks HPP’s first appearance in the City’s month-long celebration of local artists.

price-point-the-impossible-cycleHPP’s “Price Point” is an original multi-arts performance project exploring notions of fairness and balance, or the lack thereof, in today’s economic landscape. The work combines movement, theater, song and image to illustrate this era’s connections between micro-stories of its impact on individual psyches/souls and macro-stories of its effects on global society. As Laura Goldstein, co-curator of Chicago’s monthly Red Rover Reading Series, notes in her review, “’Price Point’ is aptly named. The price that you pay for the point of the production is a relative measure of your own understanding and experience of economy and society against the show’s melodically intertwined stories, monologues, poems, media and all points in between … ‘Price Point’ is a gorgeous, honest and wide-reaching account of the effects of living in a contemporary capitalist state. In short, it’s on point!”

In the spirit of showcasing stories of the marginalized/disenfranchised and damn-near-invisible Working Class, Honey Pot Performance originally conceived “Price Point” in 2011. The central questions explored in “Price Point” are the same questions central to our contemporary lives: In this New Economy, what is the value of living/the value of work? What does the concept of the Social Contract look like today? Fundamentally, Honey Pot Performance’s generative process is organically collaborative. The HPP process involves journaling, archiving data/research, conversation, observation, experimentation and creative expressivity (“play” with words, movement, music, etc), followed by a sharing of individual insights and perspectives gleaned from critical review of the data/observations. With “Price Point”, as with all their work, HPP aims to open up space in this world for more consideration, empathy and humanity.

price-point-finaleHoney Pot Performance is a woman-focused collaborative creative community committed to chronicling and interrogating Afro-diasporic feminist and unconventional subjectivities amidst the pressures of contemporary global life. Current projects include original evening length and shorter multidisciplinary performance works, community engaged cultural and arts intervention programming, critical writing and performance-focused collaborations in digital humanities and the social sciences. Honey Pot Performance is Felicia Holman, Aisha Jean-Baptiste, Abra Johnson and Meida McNeal. “Price Point” by Honey Pot Performance is part of Chicago Artists Month 2013, the 18th annual celebration of Chicago’s vibrant art community presented by the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events. For more information, visit www.chicagoartistsmonth.org.