Frank Carlberg at Douglass Street

Frank Carlberg and Christine Correa

From the first moment of the arresting vocals by Christine Correa on pianist/composer Frank Carlberg‘s opening track “We get crazy” from The American Dream, his newest CD release, you know you’re in for something unusual, energetic, quirky yet… deep.

One of Carlberg’s signature talents is masterfully setting poetry to music. Richard Kamins of the Hartford Courant found that Carlberg did “…a masterful job blending the music and words, the results sounding so organic. The melodies wrap around the words with ease and the solos never seem obligatory. His music is melodic, challenging, intelligent, and fiercely original. Many projects that attempt to blend poetry with creative music sound stilted but, over his career, Carlberg has proven that one can take these two art forms and make something quite special.”

Frank’s just been touring in Europe and Maine and is back in Brooklyn for an appearance of The Frank Carlberg Quintet (Frank Carlberg, Mike Formanek, Devin Grey Trio) on August 1st at 8:00 PM at the Douglass Street Music Collective, 295 Douglass St., in Brooklyn.

Read more about Frank here – bio PDF and check out some of his great press here – press PDF.