Emilio Teubal at Iridium

Iridium is located at 1615 Broadway (at 51st) in New York. Tickets: 212-582-2121

‘….Emilio Teubal is making a name for himself among the growing roster of young modern pianists and musicians’ Raul Da Gama, Latin Jazz Network

‘Un Monton de Notas is one of the strongest Latin jazz albums of the year and one I highly recommend for listeners looking for something new.’ Brad Walseth, Chicago Jazznet

Emilio Teubal, Argentinean, born in Spain, has lived for more than a decade in NYC where he earned a BFA in jazz performance from the City College of New York graduating Magna Cum Laude. He has also been awarded with the prestigious Meet The Composer’s Van Lier Fellowship 2007 .He has performed in some of the most prestigious jazz clubs in NYC such us Blue Note, Birdland, Sweet Rhythm, Dizzy’s Coca Cola Club, Joes Pub, Cornelia Street Cafe, 55 Bar and The Knitting Factory among others. Emilio has been a member of different New York based music ensembles such as Sebastian Cruz’s Coba, Los Chantas Tango Group, and the Marta Gomez’s group, with whom he has toured the USA, Mexico, Spain and Argentina.

Emilio’s Band, La Balteuband is a multinational instrumental ensemble based in NYC. His compositions are a blend of jazz and elements of Argentine music, such as rhythms like chacarera and zamba along with the lyricism of tango melodies.

La Balteuband’s music consists of rhythmically and harmonically rich pre-composed structures and improvised sections that highlight the musicality of each member of the band. This is what makes each performance of the group so fresh and special.

La Balteuband has performed in New York venues such as the Joes Pub, 55 Bar, Makor, Cornelia Street Cafe, Galapagos Arts Space, and many more.

Emilio Teubal & La Balteuband have released two crittically aclaimed albums: ‘La Balteuband’ (2006), and the recently released ‘Un monton de notas’ (2009)

The band:

Emilio Teubal: piano

Franco Pinna: Drums

Marcelo Woloski: percussion

Moto Fukushima: electric bass

Sam Sadigursky: clarinet and sop. sax

Xavier Perez: tenor and sop sax, flute

Greg Heffernan: cello