CLICK! A New Opera


CLICK! is a musical rendering of the life and work of André Kertész, an internationally acclaimed pioneer in the art of photography. In this opera by composer Steve Bramson and librettist Gayle Hudson, interpretations of interviews conducted at the end of his life provide the framework for André’s journey; from his youth in turn-of-the-century Hungary, his early successes in the creatively vibrant Paris of the 1920’s, to his artistic frustrations and ultimate rediscovery of his passions in New York. His wife Elizabeth tells his story and re-enters his world as a powerhouse of influence, a role she continued to play after her early death. CLICK! takes us through the rise of a burgeoning art form and André’s relentless need to communicate in the only language he ever mastered – photography. Projections of his work are incorporated into the production further illuminating the layered portrait of the artist as André and Elizabeth reveal their story in a mostly sung-through score.