Here are some supplementary links and downloads for our discussion

1. Some examples of web sites:,

2. Some examples of web sites:,

3. Discussion of the difference between and

4. MORE about the differences between .com and .org

5. Promotional PDF examples (these are PDF downloads): John King, Danny Fox

6. Press release examples (these are PDF downloads): Music/Words, Likeness to Lily

7. Timeline example of December 8th CD release and event:

October 20: a press release (about CD and performance) should be constructed with solid information about the CD, composer, performers and works. All members of the band should submit a list of all of their “special” press names – those already sympathetic to their work, friends, good matches, etc.

October 27: media list is finalized

November 1-5: One-sheet, press release and CD are mailed to media

November 15-30: Follow up with media who received CD.

November 24: Secondary press release and/or reminder email is sent with any new/developing artistic information about Dec 8 concert. Ask media if they would like free tickets to the show.

December 7: Prepare packets to give to press should they come to the show. Packet should include cd, release, postcards, etc, in a simple folder.

December 20: Final follow up is completed


Thanks! And feel free to contact me should you have any questions!