WordPress, why I love it and how to find a developer

Many of you know that I love WordPress websites and have co-created many of them for performing artists, composers, ensembles and more. Some examples are at www.performsites.com and some recent examples include www.innafaliks.com, www.jenniebrownflute.com, and www.jamieoreilly.com

Why use WordPress? According to Michelle Thomas at BlueHost, here are eight reasons why WordPress is a great choice:

1. Flexible and Adaptable for Changing Needs
2. User-friendly—Even for Beginners
3. Themes Offer Multiple Options
4. Plugins Extend Functionality
5. WordPress Sites Rank High
6. WordPress Sites Are Mobile Responsive
7. WordPress Sites Have a Built-In Blog
8. The WordPress Community Offers Support

If you are a looking for a WordPress developer, contact me to find out about my services, or check out this article, which agrees with me that WordPress is a great solution for your online web presence.