Steve Hudson Chamber Ensemble at Cornelia Street Cafe

Fresh from a tour of Italy and Austria, the Steve Hudson Chamber Ensemble will play a show at New York’s Cornelia Street Cafe at 6pm on Sunday, May 1st.

The Steve Hudson Chamber Ensemble bridges and morphs jazz, classical chamber music, tango and folk music into one cohesive and individual sound. The group performed in New York and on the east coast in 2010, and recently toured Europe in 2011 in support of their debut album, “Galactic Diamonds.” The ensemble features Zach Brock on violin, Jody Redhage on cello, Martin Urbach on cajon/percussion, and the leader on piano/melodica.

Here’s an excerpt from recent review of Galactic Diamonds by Christian Carey from the magazine Signal to Noise:

“New York-based composer and pianist Steve Hudson and his Chamber Ensemble are skilled at bending and blending genres, adroitly moving between jazz, tango, and avant-classical… Hudson doesn’t restrict himself to piano, playing…melodica on the lilting ‘Para’ and tearing it up Fender Rhodes on ‘Funky Hobbit’ …Whether pushing the envelope with energetic improvisations or crafting more gradually developing essays, the Steve Hudson Ensemble is consistently engaging.”

Admission: $10. Box office: 212-989-9319. Address: 29 Cornelia St., New York City